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Rob Hopkins – Grande conférence étudiante

25 mars 2022 @ 19h30 21h30

A talk about the importance of the convergence of different struggles to imagine the transition of food systems.

Rob Hopkins insists on the ” power of the imagination ” to think about transition. But isn’t it a luxury only accessible to the privileged? How can the victims of oppression find the opportunity and the desire to imagine transition solutions when they face inequalities on a daily basis and when what they perceive from transition efforts seems so far from their reality and of their community? Furthermore, even if these people manage to imagine solutions, they very quickly find themselves limited. Indeed, for an agroecology project to be sustainable, the people carrying it out must have access to knowledge, techniques, means, tools, etc. and that they are not victims of impossible competition or of an ecological, political or security situation making these practices impossible or too onerous.

Also, consumers must have access to their products, the means to obtain them, and the perception and belief in their value (which sometimes requires paying for the labelling).
These are the questions we will ask and discuss with Rob Hopkins, based on his experiences in transition networks around the world.



Place de la République française 35
Liège, 4000
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